Emotionally and verbally abusive ex?

My ex broke up with me twice and this time is not like the first time at all.
He is a very insecure, selfish, jealous person to the point where I think he's got trust issues and needs treatment, but I'm sure as hell he would never see this.
First time he broke up claiming he sees no future since we were in LDR. He came back then again broke up because of his crazy jealousy and assuming unreal things as if I wasn't loyal which is absolutely not true. He had been unfair to me that it hurts as hell. I even doubted that he might have cheated on me before so he accused me now out of nothing just to remove his guilt and not regret leaving me. He used to disrespect me with his words sometimes before, but this time on this breakup he called me names he never did before and blocked me everywhere when I confronted him. He never blocked me before. He seems to have someone else now he knew her about a month later after the breakup and he posted things on his instagram obviously to inform me that he has someone other than me,
Why would a guy be verbally and emotionally abusive? How do you describe a person with such personality?
Have you been there before? Do such guys come back even if after a long time apologize or regret? I can't expect what his feelings would be now since he has someone, but he was very resentful and angry in his last messages.

Please, share your stories and thoughts. I'd be more than thankful...


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  • I'm sorry you had to go through this.
    At times it is difficult describe why someone could be so heartless, cruel and mean.
    Hopefully he reaps what he sows eventually.
    I hope you realize that you didn't deserve any of the treatment he gave you.
    The way same he ruined your relationship, is the same way he will ruin his current one if he goes in with the same attitude.
    He seems to be filled with a lot of pain, hurt and anger.
    He'll never have a successful relationship if he doesn't fix himself first.

    Although it hurts that he broke up with you.
    See the positive in it, you don't deserve any more of that abuse.
    It's over.
    Now it's time to begin the healing.
    Delete him from instagram and social media sites.
    Don't monitor any of his actions, he isn't worth your time.

    Best wishes good luck!

    • *The same way he ruined your relationship (correction)

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    • Yes. Since he is at fault he will exhibit those same behaviors in any relationship he enters.
      Don't think it's you.
      It isn't.
      He's in denial of his behavior

    • Thank you so much you really lifted me up with your words. I wish you the best!<3

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  • My ex and I were on and off for 7 years. He is extremely manipulative and verbally abusive. He left me 3 months ago and has recently started a new relationship and he still try's and get to me and break me down.
    This is what he has told me just recently
    I got a job body guarding undercover...

    My client is a wealthy mother of two...

    who was nearly killed while her unborn child was beaten to death inside her by her ex-husband.

    She has been hidding in a shelter with her children while getting ready for a court case regarding 47 charges Being brought against her ex at the end of this month.
    As her payment to me she has to provide all my meal expenses, that includes for our girl's as well.
    My Job is to find my client a safe place out of the shelter and escort her to the court.
    Recently she has asked me to go skydiving with her as a trust excercise.
    If I pass her test... She has told me she has a New assignment for me to bodyguard her and her children in Cuba.
    When this job is over...

    She is going to pay me 1.5 million...

    But make it look like I won the publishers clearinghouse 2nd place cash prize.

    So no suspicion will be aroused.
    I didn't believe her...

    Until I got a call this morning...
    From Publishers clearinghouse claiming I had a check pending for 1.5 million.
    I know...

    But this job has become more then what I set out to gain.

    It's become more then me posing as her boyfriend.
    I am falling for her too...

    She does anything she wants she is intelligent has so many degrees she travels the world like I used too.

    And she is beautiful.

    Her daughter is awesome and her son needs a male role model.

    I have a choice...

    Do this as just a job and in a few months collect my money and live life on my terms.

    Or refuse the money and live an incredible life seeing the world as I never dreamed...

    As her husband.

    • This is what I am dealing with... Mean while he told his parents he met this girl at the park and that she is a widow. I already knew he wasn't telling the truth. Then the next day he said he wasn't taking the job and it was a trap and asked if I wanted to be friends with benifits and that he and I would only sleep with each other and no one else before giving him a defient answer he texted back saying the trap wasn't for him and they want him back so that was the end of that.

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    • Met not might

    • I hope she listens to you advice, you did your part anyway. I'm glad you got rid of him and his toxic behavior. I wish you a happy life with someone who is worth your love!<3

  • Honey, if he's treating you so terribly, why would you ever want him back?

    Abusers do tend to reappear in their former victims lives unless the victims take steps to keep them out. It's less work for them to lure someone they've already conditioned back in.

    There is no reason that abusers abuse. Sometimes it's because that's what they grew up in, but sometimes they're just evil and twisted people.

    • I appreciate your help a lot.
      I only wish things were different so I could be with him again, but it is what it is now and even IF he comes back I wouldn't take him back. For the first time I feel he has crossed all lines and burned all bridges between us and I cannot accept his BS anymore.
      The only reason I would want him to come back for is to be able to know that he regrets the hell he put me through 'cause it's hurting me to think he is happy with her and simply ignoring everything he did like I was nothing when I thought we shared something real, but then I say he was the one who left and kept me out first not me and blocked me everywhere, how would he come back after all this? Plus, we are long distanced so almost everything confirms that he will not show up again which kinda disappoints me knowing that he broke me then just ran away, it's so unfair...

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