Ex boyfriend soon to be baby daddy... just need some advice GUYS? GIRLS?

So I'm gonna try to not draw this out... i meet this guy last year, we started dating, then bf/gf... not even a month into being official, i got pregnant, i went 6wks, then miscarried. I struggled, but my boyfriend and I moved past it, and were really impressed with how well, in such a short amount of time, we had our lives figured out together ie moving in, buying baby stuff. It just seemed that as time went on, i just got distant from him, i work 70hrs a week average, he attends college and works fulltime, and we live an hour apart. So we never saw each other, let alone go on dates etc. Well I broke up with him, cause it just didn't make sense to be attached to someone you never see. 4 days later i found out i was pregnant. I called him and told him, we got back together, and things were okay, but it was still the same situation, never seeing each other, always stressed because of work and never seeing him. and there were points where i needed him and it was like he didn't know how to respond, and all he would say is he was sorry, but im like gonna pass out, working alone, and i had no way to get food, and i just realized he just wasn't there for me they way i needed him to be. I broke up with him. I am from california, i moved to indiana about 2 years ago, so i just thought with having no family out here, and not having the support of him in my life, id just move back home, be with my mom, family and friends during this trying time. He knew that and wasn't cool with it, but understood it. I hadn't talked to him in about 3wks, then i text him about this house i found. a few weeks later, i had realized and had time to process everything, and i asked him if we could work things out, long story short, he said he didn't want me, but wanted to be apart of his kids life, that he had moved on etc. So i accepted that, and have just been doing my own thing. Yesterday was my bday, and he texted at like 4am and said happy birhtday and how even though he knows i won't believe him


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  • He's over you. You need to get over this asap!


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