Should I break up with him?

So I've been having a bit of relationship troubles recently. My boyfriend and I are in high school- he's a senior and I'm a junior. He is my first love, and he means more than anything to me. However, in the last few weeks of summer I found that I hadn't been talking to him much, and I was starting to become more attracted to another man I have been talking to a lot. This got me worried. I would never think of cheating on my boyfriend, and I certainly don't love this other guy (at least I don't think so)
But the thing is, after this and the realization that he will be graduating this year and going to college, I seem to have lost the spark I have had for the year we've been together. I would never want to break up with him, and I wish I could enjoy every moment we have together before he leaves. But there's a part of me that just can't hold on to something that just feels... Doomed. I know I'll be heartbroken either way, and even though there's a tiny chance of us staying together; it would break my heart even more to see him grow apart from me when we are still technically together. I am talking to him about it tomorrow, but I can hardly sleep due to the amount of anxiety this causes me. Does anyone have any advice? Does anyone think we could make it work?
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  • taking someone else's choice away just because YOU don't know if HE will drift away is sucky I've had that happen to me and i resented it, i would have liked a say in that

    talk to him a relationship includes two people dont make any one sided decisions that impact you both


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  • Use your gut. Your head is in the situation, so its bias, but your instincts aren't. If you want him stay with him, but we all know long distance sucks, probably won't work. But it could! Good luck dude, just follow your gut, and common sense.

  • use your heart and not your eyes.


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