Where do I go from here?

i had a one night stand kind of situation with an ex girlfriend. she ended up getting pregnant and it has been a major rollercoaster ride ever since. to start with she has an ex that she is currently in the process of getting over. and after news of the pregnancy her and i never did commit to a relationship. i wanted to, but she was not ready for that. but she spent time with my family and we were exclusive with each other, but the title was never committed too. the bottom line is, is that i desire someone that is willing to work towards a loving relationship together, and there was times i could see that she was trying. but i can tell that she's not in fear of losing me. i actually want to give up on her bc she is emotionally unstable and doesn't provide the emotional support that i desire in a relationship in order to feel secure. she just said that we should just be friends and that once again she tried and it just isn't there, what should i do?


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  • what made you decide to momentarily stop shouting at "isn't"?


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