Should I apologize to my fiances wife?

I met my fiance last yea while we were in boot camp, at that time i did not know he was married or had a baby with this woman. He kept it from me until the day before he asked my parents for my hand in marrige and took me away to live with him. I was furious when i found out and i tried to convince him to go back to his wife and to be a father to his child, but he told me he was in the middle of finalizing his divorce. I figured it was too late and i had already fallen for him, and since the divorce was almost complete and he did not want anthing to do with his wife or the baby i had nothing to worry about. Then it turns out he never started the divorce untill i moved in with him, meaning he was not in the middle of the divorce when i met him, meaning I was the reason he wasnted to leave his wife and child. I felt horrible. I ruined a family. I had no intention on doing so and i feel horrible. This man is such a good man to me and i love him dearly, but i feel so guilty that the baby no longer has a father and that his wife is without a husband, the divorce decree comes in next month and me and him will then get married but i feel like i shold apologize to her for ruining there lives. But on the other hand i dont want to make things messy..


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think you should really evaluate whether or not you should marry this guy. He left his wife and child when he was able to shack up with another woman and wants nothing to do with the child.

    You did nothing to cause his other child to become fatherless. But when he leaves you with a child you will have had everything to do with that.

    If you reward him for cheating he has no reason not to cheat in the future.

  • Well you didn't do anything wrong. Because you completely trusted him and we're actually lied to by him. I'm sure if you would have known about the "wife" you would have not proceeded with the relationship. So I see nothing wrong with what you did. I would just stay out of the situation, otherwise you'll be open to blame and retaliation.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should explain all this to his wife. Tell her you did not know that he was married and that you didn't mean to hurt her family. She may still be angry, but you apologized and that's the best you can do in this situation.


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