Do most guys do two relationship at once?

im in long distance love and he said " give me time and don't contact me until I contact you. But we are not broke up. Just wait. " and he didn't contact me two weeks ago.
He change act suddenly after we talk over the Phone. In that time he said a lot of time I love you to me. But he didn't text back to me after talk on over the phone. And I told him "why don't you text back to me. Are you cheating?" But he just said "no I'm not please trust me"
I didn't trust him, I asked that kind two weeks. Ik it's so bad but I just worried. But he just said no I'm not a each time.
But he said " leave me alone. Don't contact me until I contact you. I need time. Please give me time" at two week ago.
I'm trusting him but I'm so worried he cheating on me. This relationship first to me. And I don't know how should I do and I can't understand boys mind.
Do you think he cheating on me? Cheating on girlfriend is commonly?
Do you think he is want to be fade away me?
When you cheating on your girlfriend, will you say give me time or kind like that? Or will say another kind?
I don't wanna break up. But I think relationship shouldn't make feel sad and painful each other and I should be break up if he want...
I don't know what's should I do for won't break up.

"Don't contact me until I contact you" is same think to its over?


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  • Most guys do not have two relationships at once.

    He is trying to figure out if he wants to be with you or not. But I don't see anything that makes me think he has someone else. Maybe he does, but nothing you said indicates that.

    ""Don't contact me until I contact you" is same think to its over? "
    It might mean it's over, or it might not. It's not good though. He really does not know if he wants to continue this relationships.


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  • Maybe some , not most
    Why? Because statistically it is not possible , u might want to google and learn about human sex ratio of whole human population



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