Was he married the whole time? Did they get back together?

So I was talking to this guy for awhile and we finally had a weekend together and it was great. He told me he didn't want to start anything right away because he just got out of a relationship. Turns out that relationship was a marriage! said he was waiting on divorce papers etc. I sort of believed him. We started dating anyway and then he told me he was reassigned ( army) . We had an on and off again thing up until he left. He deleted or hid all of his social media until tonight when I found his face book. It says married and he has been active recently. He posts stories about stuff they do. So now I'm wondering if he actually was reassigned or if he lied and moved back with her. Was I played?


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  • he hide stuffs from you and yea he was still married

  • I have same situation like you and it seem hard time and confused about him anyway you need to love yourself and be careful because time will help you solving and show you. I was in his game for 4 months (with my ex who marriages waiting paper and go away from my life without explanation and excuse)


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