Girls, HELP! How do I let her down gently?

Soooo, this past weekend at a mutaul friend's bday we had a bit of a wild house party.
The next morning I fooled around with a girl I met at the party. And by fooling around I mean we got to third base.
Anyway, as everyone packed up and started leaving we said our goodbyes and I thought that was it...

But thanks to the magic of facebook friended me and well.

I am not saying we didn't have a good time, and she is a pretty cool lady. But as far as I'm ocncerned it was more of a "hey, good morning".

So now I have been recieving msges from her. All platonic, so I am guessing she just wants to say hi, how are you.
BUT, I still want to make sure we are on the same page.
Do I just bring it up out of the blue? Is there a "right moment" or should I just go ahead and own up. Should I just keep quiet and let it slide? Wait for her to say something?

I do feel like a bit of a jerk, don't want to make her feel (more) used.


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  • Well cheating is bad but that's not your question so no comment on that.

    It honestly depends on the type of person she is.

    If she's the type who doesn't like being lied to and is 'cool' about things, like me, I'd like to just know straight up. No bs and just talk about it. If it doesn't go well, then you know it's gonna end.

    • Hi JaPin. Thanks for the reply.

      Just curious, where did you get cheating from? I agree, that is an absolute dog-show. Have never gone there and never will.

      But thanks, I think I might follow your advise!

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    • @JaPin
      Haha, no worries... No, seriously, if I had a girlfriend I would go to the party with her or not at all, cause why?

      Ok, I think I'll take that route. Thank you!

    • @kstormer no problem at all! (first time being most helpful girl by the way lol)

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  • Wow so you made a move on a girl just because you could? You didn't once consider her feelings of getting involved and that it may have meant more? *sigh* this is the problem with the new generation, you have to assume she wants much more than sex/ fooling around otherwise she will be hurt and that's not nice.


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