Why I still miss her after all she's done?

So we were best friends and lovers for over 4 years. Lived under the same roof and shared everything. We broke up over a year ago (about 1y3m ago) and I still miss her like crazy.
The reason we broke up was that she completely shut me out from my friends. wouldn't let me go out with my friends for a drink etc. wouldn't allow me to have a relaxing beer after a long week of working (not even at home). That drove me crazy and I just went out with my friends and got incredibly wasted and went to our other apartment to sleep it off. Thats when she said it's over.

I tried that before but she told me to leave the key and if you go out that door "don't bother coming back". So I didn't leave that time. That started a hell of a mess inside my head and made me think do I really want to be with this girl. The girl won obviously that time. Our time othervise was the best time I've ever had with anyone before in my life. She was my best friend and I loved her like hell. I dare to say we we're soulmates.
I never cheated or did anything stupid. neither did she. We never argued about anything or maybe once a year.
After the break up she randomly called me to come over her place a few times and you all know why. Those calls stopped eventually. Basicly she called me whenever she needed something to be done.
It's been 4 months since I last heard about her. I drove her home from a local bar and she started to brag about her new sex life to me. Ofcourse I tried the same and she was "ewk. I don't want to hear about it". Why did she think I wanted to hear about hers? After that time we've not talked at all. She blocked me out of everything possible. And why is that? We've bumbed into eachother randomly and said Hi to eachother. Oh! One time she texted me after that to ask what oil should she buy to her car. I offered to help with the car but she said her dad would go crazy.
And now I'm at the position that I can't stop thinking about her. Should I just wait for her to approach me or just let this one go?
Thanks for your time!
I think that she thinks I was too good for her. And I know even she does not know all the things that I've done for her. Every night I massaged her shoulders If I knew they were sore or her feet. I brought gifts and flowers just becouce I wanted to. I was the one who took our dogs outside when the weather was bad etc. You know what I mean. I think I treated her too good.
This I know because she admidded that our relationship was unhealthy and she was the reason for it.


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  • firstly I dont think you miss her, i think she trained you in to feeling you need her more than you really do, tried to sever all of your friend ties so she would be all you had.
    secondly, her little jealousy game was just a little game and then you played her back and she didn't like it.

    You want to be controlled and have all of your freedom taken away? You are forgetting all she did to you and starting to miss the good times but forgetting all the crap she pulled.

    Soulmates? no. you are not that evil.

    • I don't know what I feel to be exact. This specific girl is just too hard to forget. I've never had this much trouble forgetting someone. What is the point of all that jealousy game thing? She knows I'm not jealousy type of a guy. I trusted her so I did not need to be one. Oh and she told me that I can go with my friends but you need to be absolutely sober. Kinda missing the point of boys night out?

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    • the simple fact is you spent a long time together and she bolted because you didn't want to be controlled... her view was she will find someone else who will but she didn't find a decent guy the next time and he played her back. Find a girl who doesn't want to be hard on you and control you x

    • I will. thanks

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  • Yea, just let this one go. You two broke up for good reasons. Doesn't mean you stop loving her. She probably still loves you too. Just don't make a good couple. If you two were to patch things up, you both would need to sit down and set up some ground rules before moving forward. Since you can't stop thinking about her, why not approach her? Can't hurt! The sooner you get this out of the way, the sooner you can move forward, one way or the other.

    • Yeah. But I don't want to stalk her to meet her since there's no other way to contact her. I'll wait for a while and just see how this goes. thanks anyway

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  • Hi dear i read your post and i want you to know that all she needs is your help, you love her so much and she have taken all over you she might not be her self doing all this that is why i said she need help most ladies later regret their action after they realize the truth. i want you to know that i have a friend of mine who also went through this process but today she is back with his fiancĂ© so i want to give you some tips you have to take to get her back to your self please reply me on my email so we can discuss further mccartkatty@gmail. com i will be waiting for your mail ok


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  • She seems controlling trying 2 give u ultimatums. U still love her and she's bragging about it probably for ur reaction. In my own personal opinion if u can't live without her fight for what u want but if she keeps telling u no then go until u have no other choice

    • I just think there's nothing I can do anymore but to wait. She didn't accept my birthdaygift for her that I made by myself because I know she appreciates when I make things for her. It's like she has completely shut me off her life.

    • Sadly that's what's gotta happen u gotta pay the waiting game 2 see what really is worth it

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