Is she even convinced herself of what she really wants?

Ok so I've posted about my recent break up. my ex and i actually had an adult conversation no arguing. Since we have 2 children together (my son from a previous and our daughter) i have had them here with me since she left me. I told her that its not necessarily about us anymore we need 2 consider the kids happiness before anything. I told her that the way she left me was disrespectful and has affected our kids more then what she realizes. She thinks its ok 2 bring the kids around her new boyfriend and i disagree because it will not only confuse them but its not right especially if she just barely met him. I told her from experience going back and forth affects a child's mind. That as of right now i need my space 2 get over what she has done 2 me but i would eventually b over it. She told me she doesn't want 2 b with me right now and maybe in a few years we might b able 2 try again for the kids but as of right now she said she couldn't give me her all so that's y she left me but in the fashion she left me she says she didn't intend for it happen the way it played out. That she feels bad for how it happened and she knows karma will eventually hit her. What upsets me is the guy she left me for is completely different then me. She used 2 work at a jail and that's where they met. She used 2 say i could never b with a felon and etc but this man is a 2 time felon for burglary of a building evading arrest possession of marijuana possession of a controlled substance and etc. But apparently he listens and cares about her which i believe its only a phase of a person like will only last a short time until he finds someone new or just gets bored.

If u tell me ur not coming back when ur angry and then when we have a regular talk u tell me maybe in the future we could try. I know i could b looking 2 hard into it but i feel as if she's gonna do what she wants and if it doesn't work out or when she realizes that this guy isn't what she wants she can come back. Help me understand


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  • hi dear i read your post and i want you to know that your partner really need help and you the only one to save her. a friend of mine have also passed through this kind of situation with her partner but today am happy they are back together i will want you to email me on my private email so i can let you know what to do she might not be her self please email me on mccartkaty@gmail. com i will be waiting for your reply now

    • I just emailed you

    • It sent me an email saying it failed but here is my email frankierioz@gmail. com

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