What will u do if ur boyfriend wasn't contact to you?

What's will you do if ur boyfriend said "leave me alone and please give me time. Just wait. But we are not broke up."

I'm in long distance. And he said that to me a week ago.

I'm just this relationship is first time. So I don't know how should I do and I don't know boys mind too.

I may be his feel so bad and annoying to him then he said that thinks.

I don't wanna make his feel bad any more. But I wanna a lot of talk with him. I don't know what's should I do. Please tell me what will u do if you at my side.

How many day u can be wait? How many day he want leave him alone? Boys won't contact to her if they said I'll contact u?
Will you think about moving on while waiting time?
And do you think he want to be fade away me or he want break up?

I don't know most boys feel but I just think when boys said leave me alone and don't contact me till I contact u is boys wanna be fade away me or want break up.

I don't wanna break up so Ik I just a wait him. I trust him but I always think about him cheating on me or something else like two relation ship in once at every night.
Please help me.


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