My girlfriend's parents won't let me date their daughter anymore. What should I do?

My girlfriends parents hate me (for reasons that neither I, nor my girlfriend can figure out) so we had to keep our relationship a secret. after about 2.5 months, they managed to find out and they are saying that I am not allowed to intteract with her anymore. I really liked her and Im pretty sure I actually loved her. I dont know what to do. I have been depressed and loosing massive amounts of whieght. which is bad because I already am underweight. (and no, its not intentional).
they are threatening legal action if I try anything, but I can't just sit back and do nothing.


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  • YOu're kind of stuck. They can make your life very difficult legally. Two years seems like forever to you now, but if you take this time to better yourself (instead of wasting it), you'll be in that much better a position when you can recontact your girlfriend.


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  • I suppose the only way out, is to wait until both of you are over the age of 18. After that, her parents can't control who she does or does not date.

  • do the hardest thing... wait.

  • Tell them to go fuck themselves

    • Might I add that I am a Christian and they are all Jehovah's Witnesses. My girlfriend was shaky in her beliefs so that is why I was willing to date her.

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    • lol damn I suggest just keep in contact with her and once her family isn't home and the electric fence and gaurd dogs are down go in and stick it in and go out

    • Right. And somehow get around the german shepherd, home security system, and locked doors. And I also don't think she is EVER home alone anymore.

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