Why is it so hard to let go of something that we know will never work out?

I started alking to the gyuy of my dreams. he seemed tobe one the same page. talking about dates and things we can do together. we hungout once and kissed and he said he woul dhave plently of more kisses to come so it was okay that the first was a little awk. He then one day just say he met this girl over the intersnt a week ago and that he can no longer talk to me anymore because he made her his girlfriend. They been dating fr 5 mothns vaction together and all. He just got over a break up with a girl he really liked that left time for another women. Do you think this is why he jumped into a realtionship with a older women so fast. I know he prob won't talk to me again but i can't let it go. I loved everything about him and still to this sec miss him after 5 months of not taling. I see him everyday and sometimes he will say hi and other times he will act like he doesn't know me. Why can't i just get over it and move on to be happy instead of crying everyday about it.


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  • I think because you still love him, your feelings are still the same as it was before when you both were together. However it seems your feelings were one sided, it's sad.

    • I just want to know one thing, all this happened in your dreams? because in the first sentence you mentioned " the guy of your dreams? right?

  • Cause its the never ending idea that something good could have come of it if it didn't end the way it did.


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