Dumped, bruised ego, that's all, anyone else?

I have been brushed off after a month, in honesty apart from a bruised ego, I am feeling pretty mehhh about it all.
I had my doubts, and I guess she made the decision for me...
Does anyone else feel like this when they get dumped at times?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, it hurts.
    Getting dumped allows you to really take a look at yourself.

    You want to believe you have all of the qualities that will allow someone to stay.
    But when someone breaks up with you, you are forced to look at the things that are flawed about yourself.

    Don't be so hard on you!
    It wasn't meant to be.
    Some people are just not compatible with others.
    It happens in every day life.
    It doesn't mean you're horrible, terrible or not worthy.
    There will be someone else or you eventually.

    Try not to reflect on your break up... that will also help you in getting over the bruised ego.


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What Girls Said 5

  • I think that its good that all you feel is a bruised ego, it could be much worse and it sounds like you are handling the situation well.

    The relationship only lasted a month, so not much time was wasted and you probably didn't get too deep in the relationship.

    I've never felt this way because I tend to get attached early on. So for me, break ups are always hard.

    I think how you are feeling is normal and healthy.

    • It's funny, they are amazing, but there was also a couple red flags...
      So I guess I am still on the fence about it all...

  • Yea i have a bruised ego too dont worry buddy i love u

  • I was never dumped :/

  • Depends how the relationship went for her too.

  • Ehh, it's whatever. You get over it and you move on


What Guys Said 1

  • A lot of people go through the same emotions.


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