Expensive gifts from soon to be ex BFs mom?

My boyfriend took me across country on a dream vacation to meet his family. Ever since we got back, he's gone from Jekyll to Hyde. I don't know what's up, and all attempts to talk result in aggression and silence. I'm not happy anymore, I don't feel safe, and I don't feel like I can trust him. His mom paid for our whole trip, then randomly bought me a brand new laptop before we left for home. I moved back in with my parents in preparation for the breakup, and now I do really need this laptop. He hasn't asked for it, and he didn't buy it. She brought him a new one too. Is it wrong to keep it? If he asks for it back do I have to give it back?
Would offering to pay for it be acceptable? I know I have no legal obligation to return it, and I am really not planning to.
She said to keep it, don't worry about paying her or him.


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  • There is no requirement to return gifts. That said, if you had received some cherished family keepsake treasure I might be telling you to return it. But a laptop? Keep the gift. It was given to YOU. If he comes asking for it tell him he already has one.


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  • A gift is a gift... keep it.


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  • 1. He did not give it to you. His mother gave it to you, so he has no moral right to ask you to return that gift.

    2. It was a gift and there is no legal obligation to return a gift unless it was conditioned upon the happening of some other event (e. g., an engagement ring is given in contemplation of marriage and must be returned if the engagement is cancelled.)

    3. Do you want to know about moral obligations?

    • Yes, I'd like to know about the moral obligation. I am aware that there is no legal obligation to return it.

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    • I don't see how it's taking advantage when I didn't ask her for anything and she just went out and bought it for me. She said she didn't want us to be bored on the 6 hour flight home. In any case, I found out that it only cost her $300. I can easily afford to pay her, offered to do so, and she said she doesn't want it, so my conscience is clear.

    • Then why did you ask the question?

  • if they ask for it back give it back. but if you need it I wouldn't say anything about it before they do


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