Guys, why would a man ignore you?

We were together for years. We split up months ago and he contacted me saying he was an idiot for letting me go. We have been talking for about a week. And all of the sudden he doesn't seem interested. And today we were talking and he was frustrated with whats going on in his life. I gave my advice and was nice and offered to help him out. He got the message. (It said so) but he didn't reply. I dont think i did anything wrong. I didn't contact him anymore. Iam not needy and not going to chase where iam not wanted. Just want to know if its because he's frustrated and needs his space right now or is he just not interested after he got me back to talking to him? We haven't seen each other or hung out just messaging every day on the phone. I am very cautious right now because i dont want to ruin a good thing. If i dont hear from him for days do i say anything or just wait on him? And if i dont i feel the need to move on.
Okay so I let him be and didn't bother him, he text me the next day and then just started ignoring me after I responded to him. I am beginning to think he's really not interested. I've left him alone again and haven't heard from him. But why contact me in the first place saying your sorry aand you want me back? It shouldn't be this diffucult


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  • Simple. Shits going on with him and he wanted to vent, not have you fix anything for him. We like to fix things ourselves. Unless he asks for advice, leave it alone and just let him get it off his chest. He's dealing with life on his own time in his own way. Let him.


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