Have you fallen in love with me yet?

This is the question I asked my BF. Here is the response I got " yes its happening slowly but surely". What the he&% does that mean. I think he is confused. He told me less than a year ago that he fell in love with me. We have had rough patches since then. So when things get rough men run away? He already knows he has me and I am not going anywhere. Is he just scared to let his feeling all in? How long am I going to wait? It has been 2 years.(off and on)


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  • You've wasted 2 years with this guy. He knows you're not going anywhere. He's not sure if he's in love with you. Woman, you're wasting your time. Sorry. But true.

    THe one and off relationship just means he wanted to experiment other women until he's found the one. Trust me, if you let him go. He'll be married in under 1 year.


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  • It means love takes time to evolve. This is not a new concept.

    When things get rough, you may not know how to deal with the particular situation so you have to process things and that might take a long time to do.

    You are going to wait as long as you allow yourself to wait.


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