Why do ex girlfriend stay in contact with ex boyfriend when they have a bf?

Please explain
  • As a backup?
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  • Being friendly?
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  • Still have feelings?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Probably depends on the kind of contacts, and the time that passes since the ending of their relationship.
    She may just want to be friendly and care in a selfless way, because what she experienced with that person could be strong enough for her not to draw a line on him, and to want to have another kind of relationship with him, like friends. In a way, she may still have feelings, but of another kind than those you are thinking of.
    Or maybe she just wants him back.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Being friendly.
    Only guys do the 'backup' thing with people.

    They may still have feelings, but more often than not it's because they just want to be friendly.

    • @LittleSally You may not do the backup thing, but I have certainly seen a few women who did that.

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    • @LittleSally Do you think guys are afraid to live without a girlfriend, or afraid to live without a sexual partner? I've never done the friends with benefits thing but my impression is that guys initiate that more than girls do, and that would suggest that the motivation is physical/sexual.

    • I say girlfriend because then the sex is guaranteed, while friends with benefits can ditch you at any moment. @@LittleSally

  • They might just be being friendly.

  • The answer is definitely C

    • Because that's what I would do, only if I still care for that ex.

    • If you still care, why would you not allow yourself to act on those feelings knowing that the other person still cares as well? No cheating or anything in the relationship.

    • Because if I act on those feelings, I will be a cheat. Especially since he still cares as well..

What Guys Said 1

  • Usually, it is because they still have feelings.

    • How do I get her to act on those feelings?

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