Why do I feel guilty when he is the one who wants it to end?

My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for more than a year. We saw each other during the summer break, but last week we broke up. Well he broke up with me, but he said he still wanted to see until the end of holidays, which is next Monday. So we managed to see twice, once last week, and once today.
Today was a true burden. We had a drink and a walk in town, but he barely talked to me, and I was the one talking and asking him questions to which he answered with monosyllables.
In the end, I asked him to bring me back at my place. I felt sad knowing it was probably the last time we saw each other. On the way he did not talk, and neither did I, I did not feel like making efforts again. And when we arrived in front of my house, he stopped. He looked at me without saying anything. I said thank you, and he only nodded, so I kissed him on the cheek, said goodbye, and walked out of the car.

But right after that I felt so bad. I had always thought I would tell him to take care, that I had been happy with him, even though it had to end, that I would miss him. I was hoping for those kind of words coming from him too, or at least a hug. And I feel like I did not took the time to say goodbye properly and runned away, I feel like I wasted it.


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  • Don't feel guilty for this "And I feel like I did not took the time to say goodbye properly and runned away, I feel like I wasted it." It's Normal because you had/have feelings for him and you couldn't think propertly so you did the first thing that is friendly come out of your head.

    Don't feel guilty for that, if you didn't cheat on him even better, you were faithful with him and you did your best to make him happy. But don't feel guilty for something like that. It's normal it's your brain thinking and you reacting without thinking deep one's.

    Good Luck!


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  • Well, that's because you also have feelings associated with that relationship, even though you two won't be together any longer still the feelings won't go away, you still remember those good moments.


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