How am I supposed to fall out of love? Why do I love her like that?

My girlfriend broke up with me because I pushed her to. I had warnings, but I did not listen. I know exactly what I did wrong. On the other side, I can't find anything that she did wrong, I feel like I was the problem and I feel bad. I could have spent my life with her. Now it's been a while since the break up, and I still love her.

Since that time, I've made a lot of change in my life, I study a lot, I do a lot of sport, I go out often and I have a new girl in my life. At the end of the day, the feelings in my heart doesn't change. I love my ex girlfriend and I really don't know what I could do more to fall out of love and to stop to think of her.

When I am succesfull in school or in sport, I want her to be the first to know. When I have bad news, I want to confide in her. I wonder what is going on in her life and I want to be there for her, I want to protect her. The fact is that I can't make contact with her, never ever. Even when I make out with other girls I think of her.

I once said to her: "I will always love you." I'm afraid I was right.

I won't do the same mistakes again with anyone. I work on myself, but, even if I become the "perfect guy", the fact is that she's gone forever.

I realize I don't want a girlfriend, I want to share my life with her, that's all. Why am I like this?

I must say I'm lost and I wonder if time will really heal.


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  • There's no ", switch", to turn off your feelings for someone. If there was then they'd be no one walking around broken- hearted. Sometimes people don't fall out of love with their ex. She was a huge part of your life, and by the sound of it... your whole world reolved around her.

    Eventually you will adapt to her not being part of your life, but you might always love her. Part of your heart may always be reserved for her, but you will learn to live without her... you have no other choice. Sometimes being strong is the only choice you have 😊

    • Thanks for MHO πŸ’

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  • you aren't letting yourself move on. You won't ever forget her but time will allow you to be happy with yourself and other people without having romantic attatchment to her.

    And don't try and use other women to move on unless you make it very clear you want things to be casual and without commitment because that's not fair to her.

  • If you truly love her, then go for it. Fight for her again.

    • She blocked me from everywhere. Either she is ignoring my sms or my number is blocked from her cellphone.

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    • Since we doesn't live in the same city, it would be hard. Plus, it could be considered as harassment if it doesn't look like a coincidence.

    • Then, give yourself time to heal. It will take time but have faith.

  • I think if u give it time theses feelings will pass, out of sight out of mind.. U seem to be doing the right thing, continue to date this other women, eventually ur ex would be just a fond memory... I'm curious what made it ex unforgettable to u?

    • Around her, I had feelings that I never had before. When I was with her, I was so happy and comfortable that I even shed a tear of happiness in front of her and I couldn't keep myself from smiling. I usually never show emotions. I am considered emotionless by my surrounding. She made me feel like I could accomplish anything. I felt like I could do anything to protect her, I remember saying to myself that a father must feel a little like that toward his son. At the time, we shared everything.

      Until her, I never knew what love was and it didn't make sense. It's hard to explain, but my feelings were extremely strong. It's irrationnal.

  • Why is she gone forever? Talk to her, perhaps you guys can work things out.
    Also, if you have these feelings for your ex... don't you think you should be single until you figure things out, with or without her? I think it's dishonest towards the "new girl in your life" and the "other girls you make out with"... In my view, it's just like cheating.

    • The other girls were girls I met before the new one in my life.

      My ex is gone forever because she has lost feelings toward me and she doesn't want us to see each others again because it "will only hurts me" and she know love won't come back on her side. She has blocked me from social media, so I called her to know what was going on, but she hasn't respond. She told my friend it was to help me to move on and she also told him that she doesn't want me to call or send her sms.

      I know however that she is dating other people.

      So I thought that I had to find love with a new girl to fall out of love with my ex.

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  • the reason you can't fall out of love is because you dont want to. :/

  • This made me tear up. I know how you feel.


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