Is he cheating on me?

My boyfriend who I really love has been acting strange when he calls me we our talk for about 5minuites a day.he use to call me every hour. When we say goodbye he don't say I love we just hang up.

The other day he went to a "get together" I think something went on because he hasn't called me all day and yesterday he said he wanted to tell me something.he also said that our schedule are getting in the way of us spending time.

My question is he cheating on me .please honestly answer don't beat around the bush and can I have at least one sentence explaining your answer.thank you


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  • Calling you every hour seems a bit much, it sounds like id could just want space, a little time to be himself, doesn't necessarily sound like he is cheating tho

  • It sounds like not necessarily that he is cheating. It may just mean that he met someone he is interested in. He might be trying to figure out if this other girl is worth leaving you for. I think he is avoiding talking to you so that he doesn't lead you on. He also might not want to totally blindside you if he is already thinking about leaving. It's really sad to say but I've done this before in a relationship. He's probably thinking long and hard about how to tell you or even if he wants to tell you.


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