Did I do the right thing? I'm hurting, please help?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up mainly because the distance 1000 miles was getting to be too much to sustain our rship. He moved on quickly and 8 months later his new girlfriend was living with him. He'd still send me I Love You texts despite having a live-in girlfriend. I had lunch with him last winter and he claimed he doesn't live her or see a future with her, he said they are basically roommates now and they were no longer having sex. I was confused bc when I stalk her FB page, she has no pics up of him, or, the 2 of them together. Nor is she FB friends with any of his family. But I couldn't handle the confusion he was bringing me, so I cut him off - blocked him from FB, texting, calling me, everything. Several months have passed. But just this week he friend requested me from a diff name. When he told me who he really was, he began asking if I had a boyfriend, I told him yes. I asked if he still had a girlfriend, he said "off n on". He then said "I love you". I told him I love him also. But then I figured this was all pointless since he's still living with her, so I blocked him (the fake account) without giving him any heads up. So basically I told him I love him and then blocked him. Did I do the right thing? Do you think he is hurt? Hates me?


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  • He doesn't hate you; he's probably just trying to keep his options open. It's best to steer clear; you did the right thing.

    • Thank u for the reply

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  • you did the right thing hun.


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  • you did the right thing

    • you know what... i need to say some more here. YOU should not be worrying about HIM he's treated you very unfairly he should be keeping his distance don't get too soft, you are no one's backup or second choice!

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    • Thanks again. U mads me feel better.

    • you should be feeling great you don't have to thank me, there are lots of people who feel this way too and if i had not commented someone else would have, you keep smiling, let it go you did the right thing

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