She Keeps Coming Back In My Life?

This is gonna be quite a lengthy post and I apologize. I wish I could TLDR it.

There's a gal I've known for a little over a year. We met through a college FB page. We talked for a few months, got real close and eventually met the beginning of this year (we're from different states). I made the mistake of having sex with her while we were drunk. I know this makes me look bad but she iniitiated it and I got caught up in the moment and went along with it. I take responsibility for it.

I left and we still continued to be friends, talking everyday. She ended up not going to the same school for other reasons. A couple months after we saw each other, she told me she felt hurt and betrayed about what happened. She wanted to stop talking so I agreed because I didn't want to see her hurt.

A couple moonths later, she messaged me saying that she missed me and that she couldn't find someone who made her feel like I did (frienship wise at least). I found out that she was still talking to a guy (not dating but was interested in him). I still had deep feelings for her and ended up telling her that I didn't want to be her friend while she still talked to other guys. She proceeded to "break it off" again and we stopped talking. That was in May.

Fast-forward to this week and she comes back saying that she misses me, she felt bad about the whole thing. Me being the good guy, I let her back into my life. But this time, because I really missed her as a friend. She was the person I could go to for everything.

Right now, I'm realizing that that may not have been a good idea. I'm probably going to get hurt again. But I enjoy talking to her and talking to her has made me a happy person again. She hasn't been "bipolar" about anything. But I'm still going to feel crappy if I hear she's dating other guys.

I'm trying to decide what to do. Do I put my feelings in the back burner and remain friends? Or do I end things? And what do I say?


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  • It's your choice. Decide for who is best.


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  • So, I'm confused. You want to be her friend (only) but you don't want her to date other guys because you will get hurt? So do you really want to date her? And have her date you exclusively?

    • Sorry for the misunderstanding. I value our friendship. I like what we had. But at the same time, I still have feelings for her. If there's a perfect girl out there for me, it's her. I've dated plenty of girls and no one has made me feel like she does. I've tried moving on and meeting other women but I don't feel anything with them like I did with her nor can I have conversations with them like I did with her.

  • you should end things!!

    • That's what I'm leaning towards. I'm giving it a couple days before making a final decision.

    • well, i hope you make the right decision.

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  • By the way you have mentioned above, it's best that you end things, it seems this is stressing you out.


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