What do you think is going on here?

So I've met the love of my life like 2 years ago, we've been together for 1,5 years.
and then she cheated on me, didn't feel sorry for it. Well at least she didn't say sorry and tells people at the moment she's hating me. So basically what happened is, she cheated on me, dumped me, tells people she hates me, is already seeing someone else, and all she's doing is going out and getting drunk.

Yeah, she's not the right person for me anymore.
everything was perfect before it turned out her mum has got borderline and always been manupilating my ex her whole life. One day her mum turned against me because I stood up for my ex because she couldn't handle her mum anymore. Then her mum told everyone I threatened her. I didn't, so did my ex girlfriend know and lots of other people. Last week my ex and her mum came to my house and her mum started screaming I threatened her. So I said to my ex: "did I or didn't I?" She didn't say a thing back and looked straight to the ground.

my ex girlfriend was the best that ever happened to me, and the worst.

she's sort off turning into a slut right now and I don't want that to happen. Lately all she is doing is making mistakes, basically on every time in life.

I'll love her forever and will alway be there for her. And she probably don't know because she blocked me on every social media platform.

how can you even tell people you hate me after you cheated and dumped me..

everytime I see something from her, like a photo on Instagram that a mutual friend posted I get headaches real bad that won't go away for the rest of the day.

honoustly, I know she isn't good for me. And I'm not over ee at all, I'm getting there but just having a hard time.


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  • okay, I don't understand you seem to be sure that she is not right for you, so what is the problem here? are you having trouble letting her go?

    • Yeah dude, I find it really hard. Like you can break up in a normal way. Not by cheating dumping and telling people you hate me. I just don't know what to do with all of that. Looks like the 1,5 years we've been happily together meant nothing to her. The funniest part is that 1 month before she cheated on me we bought rings. And once of a sudden, she cheats and hates me? I should hate her

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