Why is he grooming more after he said he wanted a break from our relationship?

We got intimate when least expected, and he was completely shaven down below. he usually has it trimmed. I feel like he could be having an affair with someone else. He has been acting different. So I told him I am walking away from this relationship. I am fed up with his unknown whereabouts , with his immature level of reasoning with me. he gets really defensive about questions I ask and when I got to the point of asking about the shaven incident he laughed it off.

I thought that was disrespectful and rude, I was really annoyed and felt like slapping him but I told him he's not worth it. I know he will get what's coming to him.. I plan to leave him high and dry and disappear for weeks without telling him nothing. if he doesn't leave me first I will do it. I feel so used and unwanted. when I feel this way because of a man I start rebelling and don't care what he thinks anymore.


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  • If he makes you feel this insecure, yeah, he's seeing other women. He's out there trying to impress new girls with his shaven crotch. And it's time for you to move forward.

  • breaks are usually an excuse to date/sleep with other people and not get in trouble for it. combine that with the fact that you don't know where he is and he is starting to groom more, it sounds like other woman(women) are in the picture. he is not worth it. someone who makes you feel like that isn't someone you should waste time with. why even play games? just do you, put yourself first and do what's best for you because he obviously isnt.


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