Struggling to cope with the whole thing and the thought of them two so happy? please help?

Me and my ex loved together and was together for 3 years, we was engaged and he brought my son up as his own for 3 years, their bond was unreal, 3 weeks before he left we had just booked our wedding.
He left me and started chatting to loads of other girls, commenting on girls pictures including 3 of his exs pictures in Facebook, 5 weeks after we split i found out he had a new girlfriend, I then found out this girl is his ex girlfriend from 2007, 7 weeks after we split they was in a full relationshop and had it plastered all over Facebook, this new girl has become friends with his mum on Facebook, I then saw he has been having family days out with her child already (her child is the same sex and age as my son)
I can't get my head around how he's got invovled with another relationship so quickly😣 how after the deep bond and love he had with my son, my son is broken he's only 5. They seem so over happy and it's killing me I'm still living in our home but I don't understand how he could if done this, he's never asked about my son since he left😣. Why would someone get involved with another child so quickly after hurting my son so bad? I don't understand how someone moves on so quick and moved this fast? Please help😣


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  • A relationship breakup is similar to being fired from a job. It is not a negative thing. It is simply the best way of telling you that you need to be somewhere else. Down the road one day when you look back you will see how true this is.


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