Why is he acting like this?

My ex said he massively regretted breaking up and wanted to get back together, he made me promise to meet up when he gets back to town in a couple of weeks and i said i would but just as friends and he said that was fine he just wanted to talk. I still really like him but i'm trying to be careful. I haven't heard a word from him since, i don't understand, if he still likes me shouldn't he want to talk to me? or at least try? Can anyone explain to me why he would think not talking is a good idea to win me back?


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  • I think it's a smart idea to be wary of his intentions, but I wouldn't overthink things too much.

    It sounds like he wants to explain everything in person, so it's not necessarily a red flag that he hasn't been texting you; maybe he doesn't feel comfortable making small talk and acting like things are normal when they aren't.

    When you guys meet up, see how genuine he seems and decide what to do from there.

    • I'm worried he's changed his mind but i'm not willing to message him and ask, waiting around till he gets here is painful. Its been 2 weeks since he asked and we have another week till he gets here. I just feel like he should be trying harder?

    • I get that completely -- I'd be worried too. I agree that he shouldn't have let two whole weeks pass with zero contact when he apparently really wants to get back together with you, but then again maybe he's just not much of a texter? Maybe he doesn't know what to say? Maybe he really did change his mind? I don't know...

      I wouldn't message him either; he should be the one doing the chasing. I think I'd personally try to take my mind off the situation and focus on other things, or else you'll drive yourself crazy.

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  • He wants you to chase him.


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