Should I wait for him to text me back, or text him?

So this guy told my friend a while back that he thinks that I'm hot, and we texted for a while that afternoon. We never really talked since, and we have totally diff friends but we exchanged a bunch of hellos, waves, and smiles wit each other. A month later, I just recently texted him saying hey what's up, and we had a small texting conversation. He broke it off saying sorry he has to go and I texted back ttyl. It's been a few days so should I wait for him to text me back, or should I just text him?


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  • Why not text him? If you want to get the lines of communications flowing again then make the move. There's nothing wrong with a friendly text. Sometimes we can't "depend" on the other person to know that we'd like to chat or be in touch. Go for it...wish him a happy new year!

  • maybe he is just one of those guys who don't initiate texting conversations. a bunch of my guy friends are like that. I would just make sure you actually have something to say, like ask him a question ect. I usually start my convos of with something specific I want to say then we usually build from there and end up texting for the rest of the day. For example, I didn't know where a classroom was in the physics dept at school, he is in engineering, so I asked him to give me directions.


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