Why am I sobbing over my ex when he has a girlfriend?

We broke up two/three weeks ago and he's already talking to someone. Is this his way of moving on


Most Helpful Guy

  • some degree of jealousy?

    resentment that he's moved on and you haven't?

    the greatest pain is the watch the one you love, love someone else maybe?

    • yes but he moved on so quick

    • So you feel maybe he didn't care about you as deeply as you thought? I see. Never thought of that.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't necessarily say that's his way of moving on...

    Usually when someone cares for another... they take time to get over that person. They don't jump back into a relationship.
    I have a feeling he didn't have strong feelings for you if he's able to make a move that quickly.

    Either way,
    I think you should push forward as well.
    I'm not saying to go out there and meet other guys... but move
    forward in a sense, that he is now your past.
    Focus on your figure.


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What Guys Said 1

  • isn't that why he dump u after he's got bored of what he came for? ;P


What Girls Said 1

  • seems like you haven't been able to get over him

    • No sadly, he was my best friend

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