My crazy ex won't leave me alone?

I broke up with him 3 weeks ago because of his posessive and controlling behaviour. After a few worse incidents I decided it was time to get the hell out of that relationship. He hasn't however left me alone. He follows me around and makes threats then other times he sends me texts begging me to take him back. I haven't told anyone yet. Not even my best friend. I almost told my brother two days ago but I chickened out. Don't need to bother him with this. Any advice on how to deal with this?


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  • Here's what I would do in your situation. First, tell your psycho ex that if he keeps stalking you, you'll contact the police. If that doesn't work, tell a friend or family member you trust, and then get a restraining order against your ex. As a general rule, restraining orders are almost useless, but at least you can have him arrested if he gets really out of line.


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  • File a Complaint if Need be here, dear. You never know what this Possessive and controlling nut case will do next in your Face and you should Not take chances.
    If you have seen what he is all about in this rickashay of a relationship, then you know that he is Not throwing in the towel and you are In for one heck of a Nightmare and Fight that I promise you will Not be to Your... Delight.
    Inform your family and your bestie. If he can't get to you from time to time, he will Pick Other Green lights and Avenues with Other ones you love. You are his Dream girl and he is Not about to have you just Float away today.
    He is Not playing with a full deck. Take his Wary Warnings to heart and just don't Play with fire and continue jumping through hoops with this Bonfire Bozo.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I think that talking with your brother is actually something to consider.
    Or that or threat the guy with police.


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  • "Any advice on how to deal with this?"

    The problem is you literally aren't dealing with it,
    that's why it's not getting any better.
    Your ex. boyfriend is harassing you.
    You have to threaten him by saying you will call the police on him if he doesn't leave you alone.
    -He's following you.
    -You have messages to prove it.
    You can get a restraining order against him.
    Use the law... it's there to protect people like you from those who mean harm.
    Besides, reaching out to the law confide in someone else (that you know), that you can get even more advice on this.
    I am pretty sure, they will tell you to do the same thing.
    You're allowing your ex. to treat you that way, by not nipping this problem in the butt.
    If you continue to do nothing, he won't stop (things may get worse).

  • File a complaint for harassment. Hopefully you can get a restraining order against him.

  • Tell your brother and then get a restraining order


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