I hate my life at the moment. Help me please?

My girlfriend broke up with me 5 weeks ago. She cheated on me, dumped me, lied to me, hide all of this from me. Had to find out by logging in on her social media. All I've got left now is a job I hate. It's the only job where I've got degrees for, so finding another one is really hard. I live in Europe.

when she tells people why she broke up with me, she tells them lies and just says that she wasn't ready to commit yet, because she's young. She doesn't tell people she cheated and lied.

when I tell the same people the real story, they seem shocked but don't believe it, I think. Because they stop talking to me and start hanging out with her even more.

all I'm doing is being honest, and honoustly, all I get is shit.

will karma ever get back at her, or do I deserve this?


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  • No, you don't deserve any of this.

    I'd like to hope that karma will come back to her.
    Perhaps, there will be a time in her life where she is badly hurt or betrayed by someone she really cares for.
    I really hope that... so she can see exactly what she has done to you.
    The fact of the matter is that, karma doesn't always come back.

    I just hope with time, she grows and matures.
    She realizes that no one deserves to be treated that way.
    I hope eventually she becomes a better person out of this.
    I say "eventually" because by lying about why you two aren't together, doesn't sound like someone that wants to change to me.

    I know you are badly hurt.
    But if you continue to revolve your life around how things felt when you were happy... you'll never be happy!
    Remember all of what you had , was a lie.
    The truth is exposed.
    You have to find something that you love... that you look forward to doing every day.
    -Don't talk about her any more (keep her in your past)
    -Allow yourself time and space to get over her
    -When people bring her up (assuming you both have mutual friends), change the topic and say you'd rather talk about something else.

    To every ending there is a new beginning...

    It feels like the end but it isn't.
    You will be happy (even if it doesn't feel like it).
    Fast forward a few months from now you'll see the difference in yourself.
    It's a work in progress (getting over hurt).


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  • Man, life gives you fucking lemons sometimes! You just gotta get through it, the shitness doesn't last forever and there will be better times, not now and not tomorrow but one day.. so ride it out.


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  • If I was you I'd be happy.

    She doesn't deserve you - or anyone for that matter


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