I can't stop thinking about my ex and his new girlfriend?

We were together for 3 years in a LDR and we broke up 6 months ago. He was the one to end it because he didn't want a distance relationship anymore (I think this was a stupid excuse, but whatever). He has a new girlfriend now, from his town. I suppose they are doing everything that all newly couples do, like see each other almost every day, and I just can't not be sad. Because that was how our relationship was supposed to be. It sucked that we were seperated by miles, I feel like we haven't spent enough of proper time together. We were seeing each other like every second or third month and we would stay at each others place for like 2 weeks. Now he gets to see his new girlfriend every day and whenever he wants, being all excited and thinking "What the hell was I doing in a LDR!". Like we didn't even happen and like it doesn't even count now since it was a LDR. He got a reward for dumping me and it just doesn't feel fair. I don't have any regrets that I did a LDR and for me it was as real as any other relationship. I didn't want it to end I didn't mind the distance as long as we keep working on getting me to move there. I bet he is so happy right now... Is he?


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  • He's probably not that happy.


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