Second break up with the same girl and don't know what to do now?

So me and my girlfriend have been dating for a little over 3 months and 2 weeks ago she said she needed some time to think so I did the no contact period until she said the next day that she loved me and missed me. So then we got back together. the reason why we broke up the first time is because she wasn't happy. So then a week went by after we got back together and she told me that she thinks we need to take a break. She said that things haven't been the same between us and that we barely talk anymore. So I agreed to it and we both agreed we needed to start as friend for now and gather our thoughts. I'm a freshmen in college and she's a senior in high school (she did this the day before I went to college). She plays soccer so I wish her good luck before her games and one time I ask her if it was ok if I called her that night. She said yes that's fine so I called her and she didn't pick up. I tried texting her to start a conversation and she ignored me. I did this all in the first week of the break up. So now she responds to my text in a one or two word response then after like 2 or 3 times she ignores me completely. Also she's taken all of the pictures of us down from Instagram. But I texted her friend to see what's going on and her friend sent me screen shots of there conversation and it said that's she's not over me but doesn't think we're going to get back together. We both don't know why we broke up. She's giving the signs that she's over me but she says different. Do you think it's a good idea to try to talk to her and try to fix everything? Or should I just wait a little longer and risk that she's going to forget about me and not want me back? Also her homecoming is in a month so I can't wait too long.
I still have feelings for her
She said she's moved on


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  • get over her..

    • I'm trying to move on but she keeps popping back into my mind

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    • Ignore her existence dude -_- you are a guy I think -.- so guys are good in ignoring girls do that, use your power I don't know just give her your middle finger and say : FUCK YOU :3

    • 😂😂 ok

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  • You put her behind you

    • I'm trying my best but its really hard

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