How can I do the well?

So I'm just going to be forwarded with this. My girlfriend used to be kinda a slut... I've tried to move past this but I don't think I can... She's been with a lot if guys some of which keep coming back into her life... I just can't stop thinking about it and need to leave her... How can I do it gently? Without hurting her?


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  • If i were in her position, I'd rather not date someone who was so concerned about my sexual history. But I'm not in her position.
    Is this the only reason you want to break up with her? If so, maybe reconsider. Everyone has the right to sleep with other people. Would you be offended if she broke up with you because you slept with other people? Try to see things from her point of view.
    If you're absolutely sure that you want to break up with her, examine your reasoning. Is it really just because she's slept with other people? Are you sure this isn't an excuse for some other problem you're having? Are you insecure about your relationship? Tell her. Are you jealous? Tell her.
    If/ when you break up with her, like Kelfuma said, be honest. Tell her that you're uncomfortable with her sexual history, and hopefully she'll have friends who are better at dealing with her right to have sex than you are.

    • She's slept with over 30 people... I wouldn't care if it was a few... But like every guy she knows has slept with her... I hate that

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    • Yes. I asked if she could not hang out with guys she's slept with she got mad at me... Honestly that's probably part of it... I've tried to talk to her about things and she never looks at it from my view. Most the guys who she's got with treat me like shit.. But she doesn't seem to care

    • well if her friends treat yo like shit that's no good. And if she refuses to see your point of view that's no good either. If she's doing these things, then I think you're justified in breaking up with her. explain that you don't like her friends and that you feel like she doesn't try to see your side of things.

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  • Talk to her softly and explain your situation with her.

  • Realistically it will hurt her no matter how gentle you are. I do not suggest lying (just dont be insulting) sometimes people need to be told the truth. It will hurt for a little while, but it may do her some good in showing her she needs to respect herself or no relationship will work for her. If you care about her be honest. It hurts in the moment but easier to get over than you may think is comforting lie


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  • Be very honest with her or it's going to be even more painful for both of you in the long run.


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