Why does he care?

I still have to deal with my ex bc we share a child. which makes the getting over him process even harder. I am better off now than I was a year or two but it seems to be taking a long time. He always tells me he can't wait until I'm someone else's problem and constantly reiterates it will never happen between us. Which is a good thing , he was pretty bad. Anyway between all of my responsibilities I have hardly had time for myself, especially because he isn't overly involved, Recently I started thinking about dating again. When he thinks I am going on a date (which I'm usually not I just don't tell him about my personal life) he gets super jealous and pissed. I don't understand this bc he makes it clear we'll never be together and is constantly telling me to find someone else or to date or whateve. Why would he get like that?


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  • He's not over you.


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