Do we still have a chance? He doesn't call me or text, just every blue moon since our break up, was a bad break up, will he be back?

Me and my boyfriend were together nine years , we have been broken up for four months now, he was going without texting and talking to me, we just recently talked about getting back together, even though I brought it up, he seemed ok with it he just wanted to know if I changed as far as insecure and nagging, I finally got him to change his mind and I ruin it again, by calling him questioning on why he hadn't called , a few nights before I took him to dinner and all he was saying is that he was working on himself, he called me out the blue after that night saying he love me and i shouldn't think any different, but I ruin it cause he didn't call me for a few days and I got anxious, he hung up on me cause I started asking him why he can't call me, he hasn't called back since and that was last week, I'm sad, I don't understand he he can ignore me four months and only called a few times in those months, I thought maybe he found someone but everytime I see him he is alone or with his cousin, can a man really ignore someone he love? Four months? And still love me? I'm curious because I tired of trying, I'm always calling to make things work and he doesn't , maybe the four months space has made him get over me, is there still a chance? He always was with me when we were together those nine years, I feel like I messed it up cause I should have left it like it was when he freely called and said he love me last week and that he just wants to take his time and get himsef together, instead I got impatient and he doesn't think I've changed, should I call him or stop trying all together? Do men come back even after months of a break up?


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  • Time for you to get over him.

    You need to stay single for a year or so. You are insecure. You need to fix this before you can enter into a healthy relationship with anyone. Therapy would be incredibly helpful for you.


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