How to get over a breakup?

Me an this boy been dating for a while he said he would not break my heart! He always say he love me, we be hanging out his family loves me they want me an him to stay together! But at school he text me saying he wants to break up an I'm over there thinking what I done wrong BC I haven't talk to him all day beside when he Gave me a hug😩i really love him he the only boy I want I just don't know what to do😩😩😩😩


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  • Try telling him, maybe he doesn't know you feel this way, at this point it's all u could do, if that doesn't work then u have to let go. :( sorry.

    • I have explain myself to him like 5 times he still doesn't understand at all😢

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  • This is what you do get over it you shouldn't let anyone bring you down just start looking for a new guy

    • Its hard😩

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    • Like he broke up with me out of nowhere I haven't even did nun wrong or nun

    • Well sometimes guys are just not interested and stuff and we can't just hold them hostage

  • Get a rebound


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