It's been taking its toll, what should I do?

Next month will be a year of me and my ex breaking up..
I still am deeply in love with him but I don't show it, his busy with his own life, his new girl and I'm sitting here minding my own business..
but it's the small things that bother me, while I don't interfere with his life at all, the new girl he is seeing is just throwing nasty comments to me.. Mind you we're all in our early 20s so no teen bullsh*t. Anyway I let that go because I found out she was extremely intimidated and was also jealous with how my life is etc.. But then when his friends try to find out what I do now.. It just bothers me so much!! He should either come back and give me another chance knowing how much I still adore him :'( or he should just leave me alone.
I'm constantly upset and depressed about the situation, I try to move on but these little things are stopping me!!! what should I do? Please help.


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  • I would do is mark the 1 year as a new beginning. Even if he came back to you, history has a way of repeating itself.


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  • I don't know what to say... It's been 6 months for me and I'm still shaken up. But I know for sure that I'm not in love with him anymore and that I wouldn't want to get back together. Maybe in some years if he proves himself to be a really changed man. But I miss the old times sometimes, life gets so complicated and hard and sometimes you just want to lean on someone who can make you smile. I think about him daily but not in a boyfriend kind of way, more in a "that fucking asshole" kind of way, lol... I really hope that 6 months from now I won't think about him at all anymore. People say time and new activities make us move on, but I disagree... falling in love again makes us move on. I believe that we're gonna fall in love again eventually, no worries. :)


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  • Are you still in contact with him?
    Have you accepted it's over and done with?

    Till you break these 2 habits it won't stop hurting and you won't be able to move on.

  • One year is a long time. If we was interested in having you back, he would have said it. These little things do not come from him appearently, it's his current girlfriend/friends who do them. thus I think you should find a way to move on. And honestly, there is no shortcut to that, you will just bear that pain everyday until it hurts no more.


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