Girls, Did I ruin a chance of getting my ex back by deleting her off of facebook and snapchat?

I had a great summer relationship with a girl for only a little over 2 months (she is 20 and in college, im 24 and working fulltime). She left because she claims she is stressed and too busy with school for a boyfriend. In reality I think she got a little scared and isn't sure what she wants because she started pulling back after we spent an awesome weekend with each other. I would say I was a "good" boyfriend probably the best she has had. I tried getting her back a couple of times shortly after and finally decided to let her go because I wasn't going to change her mind. We left it on good terms over the phone. I have hopes that she will come back someday. I found out from someone else a friend suggested she meet this one guy and they have been seeing each other at the races. Does not sound like its serious at all and in their opinion it wouldn't last because the guy is cocky. I think she might be rebounding a little, or exploring, im not sure. Its been three weeks since we left it on good terms and we have not contacted each other at all. I recently deleted her on snapchat, unfriended her on facebook, and deleted our pictures (the couple we had) so it would help me move on. Also, the point of that was to "disappear off the map" so when she becomes curious what im up to she will contact me. I'm afraid she will take offense to it though and not get a hold of me. Do you think that is case or will it have the opposite effect? Do you even think she will come back at all? Reason I ask that is I feel I chased and pushed her away towards the end because I cared about her and really wanted it to work out. We talked about that and she was understanding of why I chased her. I honestly felt like I finally had found the one and it sucked to see her go due to bad timing. Some guidance would be appreciated.


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  • I know you're not over your ex girlfriend.
    But the fact of the matter is, she has moved on with her life.
    You haven't which is why you're so concerned about her every move.
    Making huge moves in hopes of gaining her attention, to get her back, isn't going to help.
    If she's not at the time or place in life where she wants to be committed, she simply won't do it.
    At this point, you have no choice but to continue to move forward with your life.
    With time the feelings you have for her will fade away.


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