Day 32 of no contact and?

She dumped me cause she's moving away to a different school and didn't wanna do long distance and said she thinks we work better as friends and started dating a new guy 3 days later and I told her I didn't wanna be her friend any more. Then 2 weeks later last weekend she broke up with the guy and hadn't been liking his Instagram photos. Then on day 26 of no contact she liked my Instagram photo that I uploaded. This is the first form of contact she's ever done since we broke up. What does it mean?


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  • It means she's feeling lonely. Be strong! Don't give in! Block her!

    • Fuck I never have the guts to do that lol I'm such a loser

    • She hasn't texted me yet. I don't know if I should ignore it or not when she does

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