Why did she do this?

I am on the Whisper app. To those of you that don't know, Whisper is an app where you can do confessions.

One of my confessions was this "If you bitches take your man for granted, then give him to me. I will make him happy".

This girl replied to me saying how she hated her boyfriend because he got fired and now he won't be able to spend on her anymore. She said she will dump him tonight.
Then the most amazing thing happened. SHE GAVE ME HER BF's NUMBER! She said that I could text him.

So I warned him of his impending betrayal and we are meeting up on Wednesday. She them messaged me getting all surprised saying that she is trying to call him but he isn't picking up.

What was her agenda?


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  • She Sounds very Ungrateful and Unappreciative here, dear, and I do Not call this "Unconditional love," in a nutshell.
    "Another man's garbage is another man's treasure." Too bad if You snooze, you loose,, and this little lady fell asleep and woke up to You... Making her dreams come true.
    She probably as well was just very upset but with giving out His Number, I have Hers and it is telling me she thought No one else wanted him but as crazy as it all Seems, it Worked to your Advantage so now.
    She should step aside and move on Now. Maybe she will learn Not to call someone's bluff and Not to take Any good man for granted. She is just uptight because she feels that she can treat him anyway she pleases and he will just "Pick up" on the Other end.
    You have taught her a lesson in love and in life to be careful Who... She is speaking to when in strife.
    Good luck. xx

    • And you know what, he didn't get fired. He got another job that pays double and was going to surprise her.

    • Kudoes to you, sweetie, Latch on and tell him to tell the Leach that she is No longer in Reach. lol:)) xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, for this Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • She was a stupid gold digging bitch. Nuff said.


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