Ex-Boyfriend Sending Mixed Messages? Or Am I Overthinking It?

Long story short, my ex and I broke up over the summer. We both had a lot going on and just needed to focus on our own things, but neither of us wanted the breakup - in fact, I told him how much I loved him and DIDN'T want the breakup multiple times duroing our last conversation. Did the whole no contact thing for about two months and recently started chatting again occasionally. All pretty innocent things, mainly with me initiating.

A couple days ago he sent me a link to a website article with the title "Things I Wish My Boyfriend Would Do" and the comment "thought of you." Is there a motive here? I'm struggling to think it's just a random post he thought I would like, as the contents covered one of our first inside jokes. But I also over-analyze, and don't always get the male brain, hence my posting here for input.

Full confession: I want him back. I've been sending him thigs like "remember this one time we went... - I had so much fun!" He's always responded immediately (although briefly). I'm not one for playing games (I respect him far too much), I'm just trying to show him the door is open if he wants to date again.

So is there any motive behind a guy sending an ex-girlfriend something like that? Or am I completely grasping at straws here?
I would really love some input from some guys - thanks!


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  • You could be grasping straws. Since the article pertained to one of your first inside jokes, reading that part probably made him think of you and sent it. Since you're always bringing up the past in a positive light, he was probably trying to return the favor. Try not to look in to it too much, the more you analyze it the more it will drive you crazy. Instead continue being open, and maybe put your intentions on the table and see if he reciprocates.


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