How to get my boyfriend to end things with me with out me cheating on him?

I tried ending number of time but he just don't listen. I just don't have it in me to hurt this guy but I can't take it any more we now have a baby on the way and now I feel really stuck with someone I just not happy with! He is insecure And really clingy! I just wish he would just brake up with me already... I am not the cheating kind of girl!! So please help me get this guy to just end it already!


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  • Just end it.

    Do you want 30 years to go by, and you're still "stuck" with this guy because you're too afraid to break up with him?
    You have to build up the courage and end things.
    Never stay with someone just because you have a baby together.
    That is one of the worse things someone can do.

    Parents being together doesn't always create a happy environment.
    Kids pick up on those things and can sense when something isn't right.
    A toxic environment can do damage to a child.
    Your child deserves to happy parents that are separate.
    Your boyfriend may not like that you are breaking up with him... but with time he will get over it.


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  • Well its a good thing you did the responsible thing and are bringing a child into the equation.


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