I miss my ex, what should I do?

My ex & I broke up almost 2 weeks ago, after 8 months together & we haven't spoken since he ended it which was 12 days ago. The reason of the break up was so stupid, he told me something about my best friends boyfriend which could've had consequences so I told my best friend who told my boyfriends friends. My boyfriend found out what I told her and broke up with me ove after r it. Bare in mind he was in England for the whole summer so I only got to see him twice in 8 weeks. First time I seen him since last month was last week when we came back to school. Ever since school started, he never looks at me. When I walk past him, he puts his head down. But he still looks at my snapchat stories? He still hasn't asked for all his stuff back either & I miss him so much but im currently keeping my distance. Does he miss me? I'm planning on talking to him in 2 weeks which would be a month without contact. I wanna win him back but also improve myself. How should I go about it?


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  • It's okay to feel sorrow after a breakup. But problems arise when we think the only way to "feel better" is to reconnect with our lost love. Of course this isn't true at all... but in the dark clouds of our sadness we think everything is awful.

    The truth is this... life is too short to chase someone who's already pushed us away. By trying to get back with him you're basically saying that he's more important than your own self esteem. Because you're ignoring that he doesn't even want to be with you, and instead only focusing on your selfish need to have him back.

    Instead of being selfish, or foolish, or insecure... you might want to try accepting things as they ARE, and now as they SHOULD BE. And recognize that you're a millions times more awesome than you're giving yourself credit for. I mean, if you weren't awesome you couldn't have attracted him into your life to begin with.

    Instead of trying to fix something that's broken you should be focusing on what's already awesome about yourself so that you can meet someone else who's awesome and who doesn't need to be tricked or convinced into liking you for you.

    Take time to feel sad, that's healthy. But don't mope or feel sorry for yourself. Instead recognize that it's his loss. His dumb mistake. And that you're still awesome, and now you're minus his dead weight.

    There's nothing as good at helping us forget a lost love as meeting someone else worth getting to know!

    ~ Robby


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  • Your boyfriend's reaction was very strong.
    I wonder exactly what was said, that cause have triggered such a huge outcome.
    Regardless of the matter,
    In every relationship there needs to be a open line of communication.
    Your boyfriend at the time should have confronted you about the issue and figured out what to do next.
    But hearing simple word of mouth, and not even talking to you shows me that there was a level of uneasiness, and distrust in your relationship (on his part).
    If he feels that way it's better off that you both aren't together.
    I know you care for him, and miss him.
    But you can't change "what is" you have to only work for what can become.
    You can feel free to contact him in the upcoming weeks... but be prepared for any outcome. He may still want nothing more to do with you.
    You have to come to a point in your life, where you're okay with something that you cannot control.

    Best wishes

    • (correction) "that COULD have triggered such a huge outcome"

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  • I suspect he wants you back due to the way he is acting. It is of course your decision whether you wish to do so as he broke up with you for kind of a stupid reason.


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