Is my ex boyfriend are playing hard to get or he just not interested me?

Like my ex boyfriend and I are kinda friends, but anyways like 2 days ago I texted him and he reply we had a good talks then the next day I text him to ask him for a homework in math classes that I don't understand so I wanna to ask him, but he read my message and don't reply to me anymore so I text him again the next day he still hasn't reply. Anyways so I text him today he did reply then he suddenly stop reply to me. I get it he has a jobs but still he can text me whenever he is not plus I am not rush him to text me Immediately. Anyways so I was wondering why would he do that to me is that mean he is playing hard to get or not interested in me? i don't know what to do please reply to me


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  • The key word here is "EX" he doesn't have to answer to you at all


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