This isn't really how it's going to end is it? After all that?

Ever since our break up a year ago my ex and I have gone into periods of hanging out then ignoring each other for some time. One time when we weren't talking he got one of our mutual friends to hang out with me probably to get information about me so he can watch over me or whatnot. Now we're not talking again and I find that he's keeping track of me online like he waits up late if I'm not online for a night he'll wait for me to get on even though he works early. If he doesn't catch me on that night he'll get up early the next morning or go on his phone during the day at work. Then he'll get mad and not be on the next day. He'll post things on Facebook after I do probably just to get me to notice him. He has all of our pictures up still on his main Facebook page.
Oh and by the way when we hang out we act just like we did when we were dating.

After all this it can't just end here with us ignoring each other can it?


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  • This is stupid. If you want to be together then why the ignoring game? Yeah, have fun with that

    • I don't know it's mostly him. But you don't think this is all how it is going to end after all this time do you?

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    • We'll oh well it gets pathetic at times for people right
      No relationship is ever easy.
      Now what should I thin k about mine and do?

    • WHAT?

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