What signals after a break up?

After a break up what signals will a man give you if he really wants to see you again?

A month ago he did not want to be friends or continue seeing me after I said F You to him. I use to nag him about forgiving me. I use to tell him how much I love him and constantly call and annoy him. I would annoy him because he would never give in. Sometimes he would get disrespectful because I wouldn’t stop calling and I would say something back disrespectful in defense.

After I stop calling for a 6 days and then I decided to call. We have been communicating short conversation. We don't talk about the incident at all. He always picks up the phone when I call plus he has been calling me also. I've changed tremendous. I would really like to start seeing him again but I'm afraid because I don't handle rejection very well. He has never really been the initiator too much in our relationship, it was always me. I'm saying this to say if I wait on him it could be a long time but I don’t want to initiate seeing him to soon.

He’s a Capricorn and he doesn’t never really reveal his emotions. Two times he mentioned me seeing him in directly. Once was I been asking about a book that he has and he said I have to come get from his house knowing he lives 2 hours away. Second time I told him I started to come with some friends to a game he was coaching. He said I could come but I didn’t. I know he really cared about me before the incident.

What signals after a break up?
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