Does he really think I'm that dumb?

After what seemed like an eternity of ball busting, a friend of mine broke up with his crazy girlfriend. When I say crazy, I mean she was really just out there.

She would get onto facebook just to see what he posts, and would get angry if he interacted with any other girls. She even went so far to complain when he liked a picture I posted of a car... a freakin car.

After the longest duration of whinning and complaining, he finally gets rid of her and gets his own place with some friends and vows to never speak to her or hang around her ever again.

He told me that he liked me, we have similar interests and we get along for the most part, but there have been several set backs that made me second guess what he and I have.

One, he calls me a cuddle buddy. To me, that's saying he wants sex, he won't talk to me much during our days off of work unless a group of our co workers want to do something together which is rare. He'll talk to me during work if we are not busy but it seems like even then he has other interests besides interacting with me.

I've tried to be understanding when it comes to him hanging around other girls because since he and I do not have any official title, I feel like if I do get mad at him or question his actions, I will look crazy just like his ex. I try to drill in my mind that he will have female friends and that I need to be okay with that. So far, it has not bothered me as much as it used to.

But this is what does piss me off and I would like to know if I have a right to be.

I got told that he has been hanging out with his ex girlfriend. I had no idea that she had been visiting him at his house, and apparently its been going on for a few weeks. When I confronted him about it, he said that she brings her daughter up...

Really? That's the excuse. I don't really believe in him anymore, and I am beginning to think he is still hung up on her. This child is not his, but apparently that's why his ex comes around... behind my back. The more I think about it, the angrier I get because after all of the complaining, he still talks to her and hangs out with her.

He says he is allowed to have friends and its no one's business who he hangs out with but does he really think I am dumb enough to believe that he does not have feelings for her? Knowing him he probably has five other chicks off to the side I don't know about.

What do I do?


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  • And you wonder why his 'alleged' ex was considered 'crazy', his behavior most likely had something to do with her lack of security within their relationship (he probably created this lack) yet, us women are labeled the "Crazy Ones" How cliche. Note: I didn't read your entire post, but enough 'to know' her jealousy stemmed from his behavior. Sometimes guys will act a certain way in an attempt to cause reaction, and when the 'desired' reaction is achieved (stroking their ego) it gives them confidence, Translation: Men often times are the 'insecure one's or the crazies, don't stoop to their level, they're really just a bunch of overgrown kids. Not tryin to men bash, but this is typical man behavior

    • by the way, he's most likely NOT over his ex, and you my dear would be rebound, back off and give him time to adjust to the separation, feelings are still there, let him mourn the death of that relationship before he enters another

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    • I completely agree with loved2blovedbyu!! I didn't even read your statement and I was thinking the same when reading the original post.
      We girls are labelled "crazy" if we stard to demand things - the things that we want. I mean why does he have to interact with girls on facebook? what does this behaviour give him? this just shows me that he is the insecure one cause he needs the affection of other girls!!!

      you are not crazy nor is his ex!! he is the one who created this insecurity pattern!

    • @labellaprincesa thank you! Glad you agree

  • What goes around comes around. You interfered with their relationship (I can't believe one gets jealous just for a "like" to a picture of a car... there must have been something else. Be honest with yourself). Now she interferes with yours.

    • No, we all would go four wheeler riding together. She did not like me from the start. She got mad when he walked next to me at an amusement park. She's a psycho.

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    • Sorry if this is blunt, keepin it real

    • I agree with loved2blovedbyu. People are not jealous for no reason... she probably saw something between the two of you that was inappropriate. Perhaps you guys flirted... passing the boundaries and she noticed it. Also, you guys are coworkers and most likely spend a lot of time together.
      Moreover, you seem to know a lot about their break up... did you offer him a shoulder to cry on when he had problems with his gf? That was not ok... since you obviously we're interested in him. I'm just saying. You were in a favorable position to take advantage of the situation.
      You have heard his version of the story, but you probably do not know anything about the girl (I mean directly through her). She could have been cheated on by someone, hence her jealousy when she saw her guy flirting with you. It really sad to hear you label her as a psycho. Again, I agree with loved2blovedbyu. It's a clichè.

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