What is my boyfriend thinking?

I have a much older boyfriend who is Capricorn and his age is 29 now whereas I am 20. we met at my country last year and we hit if off real quick! although after 3 months I had to go to Singapore to study so we continued being in long distance relationship.. we had a lot of problems n were on an 'on and off' relationship for 8 months (long distance). now in April I had to go to my country for my holidays fr two weeks n that's when I met him. it was like nothing had happened n we were still so in love. he asked me to commit seriously to him n asked me to marry him and all.. I said OK, he also said he will find a job in Singapore where I study n stay with me forever but that can happen only in January 2016 so we still had like 7 months to go.. now after two weeks I got back to Singapore n we continued our relationship lovingly. but just last month in July he went back to his home country which is Egypt n all d problems came back again.. he was with his family so i thought he will b calmer but he became so insecure n jealous he wouldn't let me hang out with my friends at night. now if he was with me in the same place I would have listened to him but in this country I had no one but my friends! SO I GOT angry and told him after convincing many times that we could not kip our relationship if he would not let me enjoy my life! he just said goodbye and OK. this was last week wed.. i apologized d next day n called him but no reply. so i thought maybe I should leave him alone fr sometime.. I did so fr 3 days.. n what is see is he blocked me n my sis off Facebook day before yesterday. however he unblocked me in 6 hours. what I don't understand is he blocked me on Facebook but not from on his phone. it is silly.. I can still message him! so I messaged him asking what's wrong n said I would change fr him n listen to him. he just ignored my messages n blocked me again on Facebook. I feel really hurt.. in 4 months he would b coming here to work.. that's what he said n I don't wan


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  • When the Cap (ricorn) gave you the ultimatum (no outings with friends)
    what you don't know is that his other tie (s) were being severed, leaving him with only you as his future. Thus he wanted to insure nothing spoiled that, so attempted to remove all temptations that might spoil his investment in you & the new job.

    When you rightly defended your needs against loneliness (that he should have supplied earlier but didn't, i. e. move there), his future was judged imprudent and so he blocked you from seeing himself reconnecting with his other options on facebook. You will only be unblocked when any harmful (to him) evidence is cleared.

    If it's one regret I've learned in life
    when served an ultimatum
    so disagreeable you wish to resist
    never cave in
    for a much worse, devastating one has been bred
    for your future out of this one in the mind of the creator

    It will be worse than the adage
    burned once shame on them
    burned twice shame on me
    for this threat reveals it comes not from a lover
    but from a self serving CONTROLLER
    that will use you into the future then
    throw you away as they move to a cozier nest

    I'm afraid you never really had a future with this guy
    even though you were his choice on the menu.
    Your future will be brighter if you convince him NOT to move
    which will free up your shopping time for someone a MUCH better FIT in your future

  • Caps can be aa bit cold from time to time. Keywords: (In reference to Capricorn) dependable, serious, accomplished, competent, presentable, sophisticated (caution keywords): pessimistic, cold, rigid


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