Why is he such a dick?

so I have been seeing this guy for a couple months, we got in a huge fight, he called me some pretty nasty names, and I was pretty tired of it, so we broke up last week, an then he texted me last night, that he needed to say something, I really didn't want to talk to him, so I just ignore it, and to day at school he just kept looking at me and my friend told me that he grabbed some girls ass, and he keeps flirting with girls in front off me. which made me pretty upset. so I wanna know if I really didn't mean anything for this guy? or is he trying to make me jealous? what do you guys think?
There is no way in hell i'm going back to him, I just need to know.


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  • Forget him, No Matter what his Mind boggling Motive is here, dear. Simple as this, you are right when you call him A... Dick.
    No matter what fights, it will be a full circle problem pattern where he goes down the same path, tosses out names like not so sweet candy, then In front of your face, at Any given place, he will make sure you See all of his Teasing tricks that he has up his sleeves with his handy dandy Hands.
    He wants you to see that it doesn't bother him and by playing with Other's butt so your friend can go back and blab, and with you, making sure you See him Flirt with a Skirt.
    He wants to Belittle you, yes, make you jealous, but don't look at him, Nor give this loser down the lane a second glance or chance.
    Good luck. x


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  • Action causes reaction, of course he's tryin to get your attention, you ignored him, thus provoking his flirting with other females in front of you. Duh, he likes you, don't ignore, it's childish

  • this guy doesn't respect you at all!!! if he really did he would have treated you well... but its not the case at all

  • He could be trying to make you jealous

  • he trying to get a reaction out of you. Yes he's trying to get you jealous. Actions speak louder than words. This is a fucked up way to treat someone. Yea what if he did this because he was upset you ignored him he probably wanted to tell you he loved you but fuck that now!!! I don't know what he would of said you can go back to this a hole but fool me twice...


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